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Zero waste living centuries ago was a habit, decades ago was an uncharted, a few years ago was a curiosity and it has now become the need of the hour. With the industrialization and capitalism coming in we were made to believe that resources are endless and that money could buy it all. , the consequence of such misconceptions are felt today - glaciers are melting, forest lands have transformed to become cities, rivers are drying up. All these catastrophic events have triggered an endless impact on all living beings of our beloved planet Earth.

Often we come across photographs of sea turtles carrying Q-tips, whales having kilos of plastic in their stomach what not... We could not just classify them as plastic pollution but should be vehemently classified as a DESIGN DEFECT. We must take resources from nature and return it back to nature . All that we need form nature is divine energy that's passed on in the food chains as food and the material remains must feed the sprout of a new sapling which could again act as a carrier of energy.

Baring all the above in mind, all the products that we develop eventually merge with the soil and produce a pleasant mild sweet aroma that emerges out of the soil when it stars drizzling - GEOSMIN.

We produce products that have no DESIGN DEFECTS, which are compostable and yet have no compromise on usability and pleasure.

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